Itasy Volcano | John Seach



19.00 S, 46.77 E
summit elevation 1800 m
Scoria cones

Itasy volcano is located in central Madagascar, 80 km west of Antananarivo. The volcano contains lava domes and lava flows.

Lake Itasy is 9 km in length. The area contains numerous other crater lakes. The shores of Lake Itasy contain geothermal activity, such as hot springs, geysers and solfatara.

During the first period of activity at Itasy volcano, eruptions produced basanitoides and trachytes. After a period of repose, vulcanian eruptions resumed at the volcano, producing basanitoides, trachytes and ordanchites.

Further reading
Melluso, L., et al. "The magmatic evolution and genesis of the Quaternary basanite-trachyphonolite suite of Itasy (Madagascar) as inferred by geochemistry, Sr-Nd-Pb isotopes and trace element distribution in coexisting phases." Lithos 310 (2018): 50-64.

Itasy Volcano Eruptions

6050 BC, 7130 BC ± 100