Iriga Volcano | John Seach


Camarines Sur Province, Luzon, Philippines

13.457 N, 123.457 E
summit elevation 1196 m

Iriga volcano is located in southern Luzon, Philippines. The Bicol Arc is composed of at least twelve volcanic centers and complexes that include three active volcanoes (Mayon, Iriga and Bulusan). Iriga is the least active of the three active volcanoes having had only two eruptions recorded throughout its history.

The southern flank of Iriga has collapsed previously, causing a debris avalanche which traveled several kilometres, damming a river and creating a lake.

A left-lateral strike-slip fault passes under Iriga volcano.

Crater lake Buhi is located 4 km east of the summit. The lake is the home to the world's smallest edible commercial fish - Sinarapan (Mistichthys luzonensis).

The hazards at Iriga volcano are lava flows, pyroclastic flows, airfall tephra, debris avalanche and lahars.

Iriga Volcano Eruptions

1642, 1628