Iliwerung Volcano | John Seach


Lembata Island, Indonesia

8.54 S, 123.59 E
summit elevation 1018 m
complex volcano

Iliwerung volcano is located in the south of  Lembata Island, 80 km east of Flores, Indonesia. Craters and lava domes have formed along N-S and NW-SE trend.

2001 Earthquakes
There was an increase in felt earthquakes at between 17-26 October 2001 at Iliwerung volcano.

1993 Eruption
A submarine eruption occurred at Hobal vent, Iliwerung volcano on 16th September 1993. Eruptions produced a column 100 m high. Hobal vent is located at a depth of 50 m, 1 km off the SE cost of Iliwerung volcano.

1983 Eruptions
Submarine eruptions occurred from a vent south of Iliwerung volcano on 17-18 August 1983.

1979 Landslide and Tsunami
A 1979 landslide NW of Iliwerung volcano reached the sea, producing a tsunami which killed hundreds of people.

1973-74 Eruptions
Submarine eruptions between December 1973 and August 1974 created three islands, which subsequently disappeared.

1948 Eruption
During an eruption Iliwerung volcano on 7th May 1948 a nuee ardente, descended to the east coast and killed 300 head of cattle, destroying a hundred cultivated gardens. The eruption partly destroyed the lava-plug of the volcano. On 9th May an eruption occurred at the eastern base of Iliwerung volcano near tile coast (about 140m above sea level). The eruption cloud reached a height of 4km. A 120 m wide crater was formed. Immediately after the explosion of 9th May, lava effused from a new crater. On 11th May the new lava dome had reached a height of 50 metres.

1870 Eruption
Iliwerung summit lava dome was formed during an eruption in 1870.

Further reading
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Iliwerung Volcano Eruptions

1993, 1983, 1976?, 1973-74, 1952, 1951, 1950, 1949, 1948, 1941?, 1928, 1910, 1870.