Iliboleng Volcano | John Seach


(Ili Boleng)

Adonara Island, Indonesia

8.34 S, 123.25 E
summit elevation 1659 m

Iliboleng volcano is located in SE corner of Adonara Island, 25 km east of Flores, Indonesia. There are five craters at the summit. Lava flows have caused an irregular profile at the summit.

1991 Eruptions
Eruptions occurred at Iliboleng volcano on 3rd and 15th November 1991, with ash emissions to a height of 150 m above the crater. Shallow earthquakes were recorded.

1987 Eruption
An explosion occurred on 2nd October 1987, depositing ash on nearby villages.

1986 Eruptions
On 28th May 1986 an explosion occurred at Iliboleng volcano, ejecting incandescent material above the crater. Ash rain fell on Lamalota, Dua Muda, Tuawolo, and Kiwangona villages, forcing 570 residents to evacuate. Ash eruptions occurred on 18th July and 10th November. An ash eruption on 24th November wa accompanied by rumbling. Dark ash column rose 1 km above the summit. The eruption lasted several hours.

1984 Eruptions
Eruptions occurred at Iliboleng volcano on 3rd January and 13th April 1984. Both eruptions produced black ash emissions up to 1 km high.

1983 Eruptions
Eruptions occurred at Iliboleng volcano on 11th May, 22nd September, and 24th November 1983. Black ash reached 500 m above the crater.

1982 Eruption
An ash eruption began on 17th November and sent a plume 1 km high. Ash fell on nearby villages.

1948 Eruption
An eruption occurred at Iliboleng volcano on 27th April 1948, with 500 cubic metres of material ejected.

Further reading
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Iliboleng Volcano Eruptions

1991, 1987, 1986, 1983-84, 1982, 1973-74, 1951, 1950, 1949, 1948, 1944, 1927, 1925, 1909, 1904, 1888, 1885.