Iliamna Volcano | John Seach



60.032 N, 153.090 W
summit elevation 3053 m

Iliamna volcano is located in Lake Clark National Park, 220 km SW of Anchorage, and 100 kilometers northwest of Homer.

The four largest glaciers on Iliamna volcano contain a total volume of 15 cubic km. Debris-avalanche deposits have been identified in all major drainages from the volcano. All of the large glaciers on the volcano, except Tuxedni Glacier, contain a cover of unsorted, boulders and rock rubble.

Eruptions at Iliamna volcano
Eruptions at the volcano have not been well documented. Possible eruptions occurred in the 18th and 19th centuries. The volcano regularly emits steam and gas, and small, shallow earthquakes are detected beneath the summit.

The upper part of Iliamna Volcano contains an area of vigorous fumarolic activity, located a few hundred meters below the summit of the volcano at the heads of Red and Umbrella Glaciers.

1996-97 Earthquake swarms
A small shallow earthquake swarm occurred beneath Iliamna during mid-May 1996. Between 12th October and 29th November 1996 an earthquake swarm occurred at the volcano, with at an average rate of 3-12 earthquakes per day. The swarm was located 5 km S of the summit, at a depth of less than 10 km. A third earthquake swarm was recorded in december 1996 and began declining after 11th January 1997. The earthquakes were probably related to an intrusion of magma under the volcano.

Iliamna Volcano Eruptions

1876, 1867, 1778-79.