Igwisi Hills Volcano | John Seach



4.888 S, 31.934
summit elevation 1130 m
Tuff cones

Igwisi Hills are located in Tabora Province of western Tanzania.

The Igwisi Hills are three small, asymmetric, cratered tuff cones lying along a 2 km-long, NE SW trending line. The maximum diameter of the cones is 850 m, and they rise 70 m above the surrounding terrain. An 800 x 800 m, 3 m deep lava flow extends from the NE cone.

Igwisi Hills produced the most recent eruptions on the Tanzania Craton.

Eruptions of Igwisi Hills Volcano
The most recent eruptions are not known, but the cones have the same youthful morphology as Quaternary tuff cones in northern Tanzania.

Further reading
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Igwisi Hills Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.