Ibusuki Volcano | John Seach


Kyushu, Japan

31.22 N 130.57 E
summit elevation 922 m

Ibusuki Volcanic field is located in southern Kyushu, Japan. Ibuski city is located near the southern edge of the Satsuma peninsula, 46 km south of Kagoshima city.

The volcano consists of Ata caldera, central cones, Kaimon-dake stratovolcano (922m). Pyroclastic eruptions preceded the formation of Ata caldera.

Mt. Kaimon-dake (924 m)
Kaimondake stratovolcano is located in Kirishima-Yaku National Park. Panaromic views are possible from the summit because there are no nearby high mountains. From the summit is is possible to see Cape Sata to the east, and on clear days distant view of Tane-ga-shima, Yaku-shima, and Io-jima Islands.

Ata Caldera
The caldera at Ibusuki volcano has a diameter of 20 km, and the western half is located under Kagoshima Bay.

Geothermal Activity
There is enough thermal activity at the volcano to produce eruptions in the future. Ibusuki city has 800 hot springs. The springs are located mostly along the shore, and are related to craters and cones of the old Ata caldera.

2000 Earthquake Swarm
An earthquake swarm occurred at Ibusuki Volcano the second day after the March 2000 magnitude 7.6 earthquake in Volcano Islands, Japan. This is one of the few examples of remotely triggered seismicity in Japan.

Ibusuki Volcano Eruptions

1615?, 885, 882?, 874, 866?, 860?