Ibu Volcano | John Seach


Halmahera, Indonesia

1.48 N, 127.63 E
summit elevation 1325 m

Ibu is an infrequently active volcano located on NW coast of Halmahera. The volcano extends 16 km E-W and 13 km N-S. A crater lake was present in 19th century.

Eruptions at Ibu volcano include explosive central vent events, lava dome growth, and lava flows.

2009 Eruptions
From mid July and early August 2009, between 20 and 37 eruption earthquakes were recorded daily at Ibu volcano. This increased to 82 events on 4th August. Between 15th July and 4th August, eruptions produced a white-grey plume which rose 400 m above the summit. A lava dome continues to grow and can be seen from the village of Duono. Incandescent material is visible during some eruptions. The alert level at Ibu volcano was raised from Waspada (level II) to SIAGA (level III) on 5th August 2009. A 2 km exclusion zone is in place around the crater.

2008 Eruptions
Small ash emissions occurred at Ibu volcano between April and August 2008.

2004-05 Eruptions
Hotspots were detected at Ibu volcano periodically between August 2004 and February 2005, indicating eruptive activity. The Directorate of Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation in Indonesia assumed continued lava dome growth in the crater.

2001 Eruptions
Satellite images showed hotspots at the volcano between 28th May and 3rd October 2001. The activity was probably due to continued dome growth.

1998-99 Eruptions
Thick gray ash emissions were observed at Ibu volcano on 18th December 1998. On 2nd January 1999 an eruption produced 3 mm of ashfall at Tugure Batu Village. On 11th March 1999 thick ash emission and booming noises occurred at Ibu volcano. In March, 100 earthquakes were measured per day.

Further reading
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Ibu Volcano Eruptions

2009, 2008, 2004-05, 2001, 1998-99, 1911