Huambo Volcano | John Seach



15.83 S, 72.13 W
summit elevation 4306 m
Volcanic field

Huambo volcano is located in southern Peru, SSE of the Andahua-Orcocampo volcanic field.

To the south of the Rio Colca Valley, Huambo monogenetic field consists of a northern and a southern field. Within the two fields, the volcanic centres are WNW–ESE-trending, parallel to Huanca thrust fault zone in the
Western Cordillera. Lava from the southern field of Huambo extends 35 km towards the Pacific.

The volcano contains cinder cones and lava flows. Lava flows in northern and southeastern Huambo fields are tens of metres thick.

Further reading
Delacour, Adélie, et al. "Magma evolution of Quaternary minor volcanic centres in southern Peru, Central Andes." Bulletin of Volcanology 69.6 (2007): 581-608.

Huambo Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.