Hornopirén Volcano | John Seach



41.874 S, 72.431 W
summit elevation 1572 m

Hornopirén volcano is located in southern Chile. The volcano lies over the Liquiñe-Ofqui fault zone. Lava flows extend beyond the SW base of the volcano.

The volcano is located in Hornopirén National Park. This park has about 3000 hectares of glacier fields. There are three lakes within the Park - El Cabro lagoon (155 hectares) and lakes Inexplorado (150 ha) and Pinto Concha (475 ha). Hornopiren National Park is considered to be home to 25 species of mammals, 123 birds, 9 amphibians and 1 reptilian.

Further reading
Sepúlveda, S.A., Náquira, V. and Arenas, M., 2011. Susceptibility of coastal landslides and related hazards in the Chilean Patagonia: The case of Hornopirén area (42 S). Investigaciones Geográficas, 43, pp.35-46.

Hornopirén Volcano Eruptions