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18.99 S, 174.77 W
Summit elevation -2 m
Submarine volcano

Home Reef is a submarine volcano located between Metis Shoal and Late Island. Eruptions occasionally produce ephemeral islands.

2022 Eruption
An eruption occurred at home reef on 20 September 2022. Continuouslow level ash emissions were reported.

2015 Eruption
A new eruption of Home Reef Volcano, Tonga began on 10th February 2015. Steam cloud reached 6000 ft altitude.

2006 Eruption
An eruption of Home Reef volcano in August 2006 produced pumice rafts which floated to Fiji and Vanuatu in November 2006, and eastern Australia in April 2007. The 2006 eruption built a temporary island. This was one of the most significant pumice rafting events globally in the past 200 years.

In mid 2007 pumice from 2006 eruption of Home Reef was found on beaches in eastern Papua New Guinea, about 250-350 km NE of Milne Bay. There is a small possibility that this pumice was not from Tonga, but remobilised from the April 2007 Solomon Islands tsunami.

1984 Eruption
An eruption at Home Reef was reported on 2nd March 1984. On 3rd March an eruption plume reached 12 km high. On 5th March pumice rafts reached Oneata Island, Lau Group, 500 km WNW of the volcano. A temporary island formed by 23rd March (1500 m x 500 m, 20 m high).

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Home Reef Volcano Eruptions

2022, 2015, 2006, 1984, 1857?, 1852.

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