Hiuchi Volcano - John Seach


Honshu, Japan

36.95 N, 139.28 E
summit elevation 2346 m

Hiuchi Volcano is located in Niggata Prefecture, 140 km NNW of Tokyo. It is in Nikko National park, one of the most scenic regions of Japan.
Lake Ozenuma is a popular hiking destination in the park.

The youngest volcanic feature at Hiuchi is the Miike lava dome, 300 m south of the Manaitagura peak. Hiuchi Volcano has erupted 17 x 1012 kg of magma since its birth, 350,000 years ago.

2013 Earthquake
A magnitude 5.7 earthquake hit 7 km SSW of the summit of Hiuchi volcano on 25th February 2013. Magnitude 4.5 and 4.6 aftershocks occurred on the same day.

Hiuchi Volcano Eruptions

Eruption of Hiuchi volcano in 1544.