Hillsborough Volcano | John Seach


Central Queensland, Australia

21.03 S, 148.94 E
summit elevation 590 m
Extinct volcanic province

Hillsborough volcano is located 25 km NW of Mackay, Queensland. The volcano consists of two main exposed volcanoes, Cape Hillsborough on the coast, and Mount Jukes further inland.

Cape Hillsborough National Park is one of the most scenic on the central Queensland coast. Ryolite boulders are scattered on the headlands and foreshore. The Yuibera aboriginal people were the traditional owners of the land. Cook named the headland in June 1770 after the Earl of Hillsborough.

Pioneer Peaks National Park contains the volcanic peaks of Mount Jukes (547 m) and Mount Blackwood (590 m). Mt Jukes is a precipitous, circular plug of granite 1 km across.

Further Reading
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Hillsborough Volcano Eruptions

33.2 million years ago.