Hibok-Hibok Volcano | John Seach


Camiguin Island, Camiguin Province, Northern Mindanao,

9.20 N, 124.67 E
summit elevation 1332 m

Note: There is a volcanic Island called Camiguin de Babuyanes North of Luzon.

Camiguin Volcano is located 9 km off the north coast of Mindanao Island, Philippines. It is a small (292 sq km) island composed of four
exposed stratovolcanoes and a few subsidiary edifices.

The Camiguin volcanoes are aligned northwest± southeast, roughly parallel to the alignment of Central Mindanao Arc volcanoes on Mindanao Island.

History of Eruptions of Camiguin Island Volcanoes
The first eruption was from Camiguin Tanda volcano, which is now buried on the floor of Bohol Sea. Eruptions migrated northwest and formed of Mts. Butay and Ginsiliba. Mt. Mambajao is the second youngest and largest volcano on the island. Hibok-hibok, located in the northwest, and is the youngest and only active volcano on the island.

1948-53 Eruptions of Hibok-Hibok
Numerous earthquakes occurred during the last week of August 1948, and were followed on 1st September by an explosion in the summit crater. A cauliflower-shaped eruption cloud quickly developed; and nudes ardentes and a lahar swept down the north-east side of the mountain, devastating an area of about 8 square kilometers. In May, 1949, a dome started to build in the crater.

During the next two years dome growth continued, and by late 1951 it was a prominent feature on the volcano. On 4th December 1951 pyroclastic flows swept down the northeast side of the mountain into the outskirts of Mambajao, killing 500 people. The large proportion of pumice and pumiceous ash in the deposits also indicates dearly that the nudes ardentes of December 4 and 6 were formed fundamentally by explosion of new magma, not simply by crumbling of the lava dome.

Eruption types at the volcano include Pelean,dome building and nueee ardentes.
Sulphur was mined at the crater before the 1948 eruption.

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Hibok-Hibok Volcano Eruptions

1948-53, 1871-75, 1862, 1827.