Hengill Volcano | John Seach



64.18 N, 21.33 W
summit elevation 803 m
Crater rows

Hengill Volcano is located on the western shore of Lake Thingvallavatn in SW Iceland.

It is located at the Hengill triple junction where the oblique Reykjanes Peninsula rift zone, the Western Volcanic rift zone, and the South Iceland Seismic transform zone meet.

Hveragerdi thermal area produces commercial power generation at Nesjavellir Power-Plant.

1994-1998 Seismicity
Over 80,000 small earthquakes occurred at the volcano between 1994 and 1998. The largest earthquake occurred on 4th June 1998 with a magnitude 5.1 event at a previously unmapped fault 3.7 km due west of the uplift center. On 13th November 1998, a magnitude 5.0 earthquake occurred 12 km south of the June event.

Hengill Volcano Eruptions

Eruptions 1900 years ago.