Hell's Half Acre Volcano | John Seach


Idaho, USA

43.50 N, 112.45 W
summit elevation 1631 m
Shield volcano

Hell's Half Acre volcano contains an 800 m x 300 m depression which contains evidence of a former lava lake. Two lava tube systems are located near the summit.

Hell's Half Acre volcano
Walking trail at Hell's Half Acre volcano, Idaho, USA

hells half acre volcano
Pahoehoe lava flow

hells half acre
Pahoehoe lava flow

hell's half acre volcano
Cacti growing on lava flow

Further reading
Kuntz, M.A. and Dalrymple, G.B., 1979. Geology, geochronology, and potential volcanic hazards in the Lava Ridge-Hells Half Acre area, eastern Snake River Plain, Idaho. US Department of the Interior, Geological Survey.

Hell's Half Acre Volcano Eruptions

3250 BC ± 150