Healy Volcano | John Seach


New Zealand

35.004 S, 178.973 E
summit elevation -980 m
Submarine volcano

Healy volcano is located 320 km NE of White Island, New Zealand. It contains a 3 x 4 km wide circular caldera.

Healy volcano is a 15 km long and 7 km wide composite volcanic complex with a central edifice rising to a summit water depth of 1150 m. A caldera is located on the northeastern, mid-lower flank.

The outer flanks contain pyroclastic deposits, rippled muddy sands, and detached blocks. The caldera floor is smooth and flat, at a water depth of 1660–1690 m. The caldera floor is 250–400 m below the rim. The inner caldera walls have slopes of 15–20 degrees, and increase to 25 deg along the southwest edge.

Cotton volcano forms a simple cone rising to a depth of 950 m, south of Healy.

Further Reading
Wright, I.C., Gamble, J.A. and Shane, P.A., 2003. Submarine silicic volcanism of the Healy caldera, southern Kermadec arc (SW Pacific): I–volcanology and eruption mechanisms. Bulletin of Volcanology, 65(1), pp.15-29.

Healy Volcano Eruptions

Hydrothermal activity.