Hayli Gubbi Volcano | John Seach


(Hayli Gub)

Erta Ale Range, Ethiopia

13.50 N, 40.72 E
summit elevation 521 m
Shield volcano

Hayli Gubbi is the southernmost volcano in the Erta Ale Range. It is located on the median axis of the chain. The southern part of Erta Ale Range is marked by a fissural activity, without development of central volcanoes.

Hayli Gubbi ancient volcano was partly destroyed by recent tectonic events. Views of the ancestral shield volcano are visible only in the south. The northern part of the old shield volcano is not visible, the whole area being now covered by recent flows erupted from central fissures.

Recent spatter cones are aligned along open fissures South of Hayli Gubbi. North of the crater, a small dome and short viscous lava flows overlie the basaltic lavas produced by the fissure activity.

A 200 m wide crater shows fumarolic activity.

Hayli Gubbi shield volcano shows a great variety of rock types, ranging from basalts, which form some flows in the walls of the old crater, to dark trachytes constituting some terminal flows of the volcano, as well as several recent flows outpoured from the fissures located to the N of the present crater. These flows extend for some km, mainly towards the East.

Further reading
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Hayli Gubbi Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.