Hayes Volcano | John Seach



61.640 N, 152.411 W
summit elevation 2788 m

Hayes volcano is located in the northern Tordrillo Mountains of the north-central Cook Inlet region about 135 km NW of Anchorage, Alaska.

Hayes volcano is the easternmost volcano in the Aleutian volcanic arc. The volcano has an irregular shape and no distinctive summit. Almost 90 percent of the volcano is covered by glaciers and snow, which measures about 60 cubic km in volume. Several large glaciers descend from nearby non-volcanic Mount Gerdine, and cover the slopes around the volcano.

The area around Hayes volcano is mostly uninhabited. Tyonek and Skwentna are two small communities in the lower Susitna valley downwind from the volcano.

Between 4,400 to 3,600 years ago Plinian eruptions occurred at the volcano. The eruptions produced pyroclastic which descended Hayes Glacier and entered the Hayes River drainage. The pyroclastic flows caused lahars that flowed down the Hayes River, into the Skwentna River, and probably reached the Yentna River about 110 km from the volcano. Ashfall covered large areas of interior, south-central, and southeastern Alaska.

There was a small ash eruption at the volcano about 500 years ago. There has been no recent activity or unrest at the volcano.

Hayes Volcano Eruptions

1200 ± 300, 1550 BC?, 1850 BC?