Halla Volcano | John Seach


Cheju (Jeju) Island, South Korea

33.37 N, 126.53 E
summit elevation 1950 m
shield volcano

Halla Volcano is located on Cheju Island, 90 km off the south coast of South Korea. The volcano contains a 400 m wide summit crater, and 360 parasitic cones. Tuff rings, tuff cones, and lava domes are located on the coast or offshore.

Further reading
Yun, S.H. and Chang, C., 2016. Lahar flow simulation using Laharz_py program: Application for the Mt. Halla volcano, Jeju, Korea. The Journal of the Petrological Society of Korea25(4), pp.361-372.

Halla Volcano Eruptions

1007, 1002, 2050 BC, 2830 BC