Hachijo-jima Volcano | John Seach


Izu Islands, Japan

33.13 N, 139.77 E
summit elevation 854 m

Hachijo-jima volcano is located in the central Izu Islands about 280 km south of Tokyo.

2009 Earthquake
A magnitude 6.6 earthquake hit 60 km SE of Hachijo-jima volcano on 13th August 2009.

2002 Earthquake Swarms
On 13th August 2002 earthquakes swarms began at Hachijo-jima Volcano. On 15th August earthquakes were measured with a focus 2 km off the Western shore of the island, at depths of 5-15 km. Earthquakes decreased by 21st August.

Hachijo-jima Volcano Eruptions

1707?, 1606, 1605, 1518-23, 1487.