Guallatiri Volcano | John Seach


northern Chile

18.42 S, 69.17 W
summit elevation 6071 m

Guallatiri Volcano is located in northern Chile. The summit contains a lava dome. Thick lava flows are located on the lower northern and western flanks.

2015 Earthquake
A magnitude 6.4 earthquake hit 7 km NE of the summit of Guallatiri Volcano on 23 March 2015. The focus was at a depth of 121 km.

1996 Fumarolic Activity
Observation of Guallatiri Volcano on 19-20 July 1996 showed quiet emissions of white vapor from the summit crater. On the south flank of the volcano, 400 m below the summit, there was a snow-free area which emitted vapour.

1991 Fumarolic Activity
On 2nd November 1990 two areas of strong fumarolic activity were noted at Guallatiri volcano. The most vigorous fumaroles are 80 m below the summit, and produced a 200 m high plume, accompanied by a jet-engine noise.

Probable eruption in 1985
An eruption on 1st December 1985 was originally attributed to Acotango volcano, but has been determined to have most likely come from Guallatiri Volcano. The eruptions produced white, billowing clouds that rose 500 m vertically then drifted west. The eruptions occurred in intervals from 45-75 seconds. During a field survey in 1987 the nearby volcanoes Capurata, Acotango, and Humarata did not show any signs of activity; their craters were covered with ice and clean snow. Vigorous fumarolic activity was observed at Guallatiri volcano, indicating the 1985 eruption had occurred at this location.

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Guallatiri Volcano Eruptions

1985?, 1960, 1959, 1913, 1908?, 1825 ± 25.