Goodenough Volcano | John Seach


D’Entrecasteaux Islands, Milne Bay Province,
Papua New Guinea

9.48 S, 150.35 E
summit elevation 220 m
volcanic field

Goodenough Island is the westernmost of the D'Entrecasteaux Islands, off the NE end of New Guinea. Goodenough is one of the steepest islands in the world, with a summit elevation of 2566m and a diameter of 26 km.

Southeastern Goodenough Island
Volcanics of southeastern Goodenough Island cover an area of about 18 sq miles, and extend from Gunawala Creek in the north, to Kilia coast in the south-west, and Wagipa Island in the south-east. Four well-preserved cones in the east of the volcanic area, were produced in recent eruptions.

Northern Goodenough Island
Mount Oiava'ai is a lava dome which projects from the northern alluvial plain. It is about 1.5 km wide and 450 m high. Wataluma Hill is the highest peak in a group of rounded hills rising from the plain in the NE of Goodenough Island. Nuamata Island is located off the north coast of Goodenough Island and contains exposed olivine andesite, with the flow dipping 55 deg to the west.

Thermal Areas
Hot springs are located 1.5 km north-west of Nou Nou, south-west of Wakala Hill, on the coast east of Bolu Bolu, and 3 km north of Bolu Bolu.

Further reading
Fitz, G. and Mann, P., 2013. Tectonic uplift mechanism of the Goodenough and Fergusson Island gneiss domes, eastern Papua New Guinea: Constraints from seismic reflection and well data. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems14(10), pp.3969-3995.

Goodenough Volcano Eruptions

The last eruption of Goodenough Island Volcano is unknown, but is suspected to be only a few hundred years ago.