Gelantipy Volcano | John Seach


Victoria, Australia

37.2 S, 148.3 E
Lava-field province
Extinct volcano

The consists of basaltic lavas less than 30 m thick between
the Snowy and Tambo Rivers. Petrographically the rocks can be divided into three groups:
1) holocrystalline fresh rocks with ages of 42 to 38 m.y.
2) holocrystalline, but weathered, rocks with ages of 36 and 34 m.y.
3) partly isotropic or anisotropic glass with agesof 34 to 33 m.y.

Further reading
Wellman, P., 1974. Journal of the Geological Society of Australia21(4), pp.359-376

Eruptions of Gelantipy volcano

34-43 million years ago