Gede Volcano | John Seach


West Java, Indonesia

6.78 S, 106.98 E, 
summit elevation 2958 m

Gede volcano is located in west Java, Indonesia, 28 km SE of Bogor.

Gede volcano is also known as Gedeh, Ageung or Agung. There are 7 summit craters - Gumuruh, Gedeh, Sela, Ratu, Lanang, Wadon and Baru. Currently the most active craters are Lanang and Wadon.

On the western side the volcano is bordered by Pangrango, which is an extinct volcano. Mt Gede Pangrango National Park covers 15,196 ha. The park contains fast flowing rivers, waterfalls, lakes, montane forest, elfin woodland, subalpine grassland, and unique mountain flora and fauna. Effusive andesitic lava flows derive from a tholeiitic primary magma source at 120 - 125 km depth of the Benioff zone.

1991 Earthquake Swarm
Earthquake swarms occurred at Gede volcano in 1991. On 29th April there were 100 earthquakes recorded, compared to the background level of 10-15 per day. On 30th April earthquakes were felt with an intensity of III. On 1st May over 40 earthquakes were measured. Seismicity returned to normal after this and there were no changes to surface activity at the volcano.

1997 Earthquakes
Earthquakes were measured at Gede volcano in August 1997. Volcanic earthquakes were concentrated in vertically elongated zone beneath the summit crater. The depth of hypocenter ranged from 2 –8 km below sea level.. During the observations, A-type earthquakes with clear P and S-waves were observed at Gede volcano.

1957 Eruption
The eruption on 13th March 1957 followed a roar from the volcano. An ash plume reached 3km high above the volcano.

1948 Eruptions
In January 1948, explosions occurred on the following dates: 8, 11, 17, 21, 22, 25, 28. The explosion of the 25th was the strongest of the series.

1946 Eruptions
Explosive activity occurred at Gede volcano on 18-19 December 1946.

1840 Eruptions
Several large eruptions occurred in 1840.

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Gede Volcano Eruptions

1957, 1956, 1955?, 1948-49, 1947-48, 1909, 1899, 1891, 1889?, 1887, 1886, 1870,
1866, 1853, 1852, 1848, 1847, 1845, 1843, 1840, 1832, 1761, 1747-48.