Garua Volcano | John Seach


West New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea

5.269 S, 150.088 E
summit elevation 656 m
volcanic field

Garua Volcano is located on the Willaumez Peninsula, New Britain, Papua New Guinea.

Strong geothermal activity is found on the shores of Garua Harbour at Pangalu and Talasea. Activity consists of hot springs, boiling pools, fumaroles, small geysers, and mudpots.

Garua Harbour - John Seach

Garua Island
Garua is a small volcanic island east of the Willaumez Peninsula. The island is predominantly comprised of two volcanic cones, partly fringed by a narrow coastal plain. Garua island contains lowland rainforest consisting of a closed forest with species of tall trees, palms and lianes. Garua Island has received ashfall from Dakataua and Witori volcanoes. Widespread ashfall formed distinctive sedimentary units on the island.

Garua Volcano Eruptions

The last eruption of Garua volcano is unknown.