Garove Volcano - John Seach


Witu Islands, West New Britain Province,
Papua New Guinea

4.692 S, 149.5 E
summit elevation 368 m

Garove is the largest of the Witu Islands, located 40 miles (65 km) north of New Britain Island in the Bismarck Sea.

The group, has a total land area of 45 square miles (117 square km), and includes the main islands Garove ( 26 square miles), Unea (11 square miles), and Mundua (2 square miles), as well as five smaller islands. Garove island has a 5 km wide caldera which is open to the sea in the south.

The island contains solfatara field and thermal areas.

Garove Volcano Eruptions

There is no recorded eruptions. Basalt, pumice, lapilli and volcanic bombs are present on the island.