Gamkonora Volcano | John Seach


Halmahera, Indonesia

1.375 N, 127.52 E
summit elevation 1635 m

Gamkonora volcano is located on the north western coast of Halmahera, Indonesia. Administratively the volcano is situated in Ibu District, West Halmahera Regency, North Maluku Province. 

The volcano has an elongated summit 1.3 km in N-S direction. There are four craters with a lake in the northern crater. Eruptions of Gamkonora volcano have produced pyroclastic flows and lava flows which have reached villages in the west and northwest coast.

2011 Unrest
Seismic activity increased at Gamkonora volcano in May 2011. The alert status was raised from normal (level I) to Waspada (Level II) on 3rd May.

2007 Eruptions
A phreatic eruption occurred at Gamkonora volcano on 8th July 2007. An ash plume reached an altitude of 1800 m, and ash fell 7 km downwind at nearby villages - Gamkonora, Tobelos, Sarau, Talaga and Bataka. On 9-10 July incandescent material was ejected 50 m above the crater, and ash was ejected to an altitude of 4.1 km. Over 8000 residents were evacuated from the volcano.

1987 Eruptions
A small ash plume was visible at Gamkonora on 13th April 1987, reaching a height of 700 m above the volcano. Small explosions occurred on 21, 24, 25, and 26 April, with ashfall on the volcano flanks.

1981 Eruptions
Summit eruptions began at Gamkonora volcano on 19th July 1981. Tephra was ejected 700 m above the crater, and ash fell 5 km south of the volcano. Over 3500 people evacuated from near the volcano. Explosions were heard on 22nd July, and a crater glow was visible.

Further reading
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Gamkonora Volcano Eruptions

2007, 1987, 1981, 1952, 1951, 1950, 1949, 1926, 1917, 1911, 1885, 1673.