Gahinga Volcano | John Seach



Uganda-Rwanda border

1.39 S, 29.65 E
summit elevation 3474 m

Gahinga (Mgahinga) volcano is located in the eastern Virunga ranges. There is a swamp crater on the summit of Mt Gahinga. The plains at the foot of the volcano are characterised by deep volcanic ash, and run-off from the mountains rapidly disappears underground.

gahinga volcano

Gahinga volcano - John Seach

The main source of the north-flowing surface water is the Kabiranyuma swamp in the Muhabura - Gahinga saddle. River Kabiranyuma drains the swamp and is an important source of water for the populations around. It is the only river that does not dry up completely in the driest months of June to August.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park includes three of the Virunga volcanoes - Mt Muhabura, Mt Gahinga, and Mt Sabyinyo.

Further reading
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Gahinga Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.