Gada Ale Volcano | John Seach


(Kebrit Ale)
Erta Ale Range, Ethiopia

13.975 N, 40.408 E
summit elevation 287 m

The volcano is located at the northern end of Erta Ale Range.
Fumarolic activity is present at the volcano.

The volcanic area is located at the northern apex of the Erta Ale range. Gada Ale volcano dominates Karum and Bakili lakes, which lie in the depressed most part of northern Afar (120 m below sea level). At this latitude, the range has its smallest lateral extension of 13 km.

The area is mostly covered by basaltic lava erupted from fissures over the
flat surface of the salt plain at altitudes from 20 to 40 meters below
sea level.

At the South-East of Gada Ale volcano, an open fissure with small spatter cones has been recently active.

Further reading
Amelung, F., Oppenheimer, C., Segall, P. and Zebker, H., 2000. Ground deformation near Gada ‘Ale Volcano, Afar, observed by radar interferometry. Geophysical Research Letters27(19), pp.3093-3096.

Gada Ale Volcano Eruptions

Fumarolic activity.