Esjufjöll Volcano | John Seach



64.27 N, 16.65 W
summit elevation 1760 m

Esjufjoll is located 36 km SE of Grimsvotn volcano.

Most of the volcano, including a large caldera (~ 40 sq km), is covered by the Vatnajökull ice sheet. Esjufjöll is located in the Eastern Volcanic Flank Zone, between Öræfajökull and Snæfell volcanoes.

Further reading
Dabski, M. and Angiel, P., 2010. Geomorphic implications of the retreat of Breiðamerkurjökull in the southern part of the Skálabjörg ridge, Esjufjöll, Iceland. Jökull60, pp.185-197.

Esjufjöll Volcano Eruptions