Escorial Volcano | John Seach



25.08 S, 68.37 W
summit elevation 5451 m

Escorial Volcano is located in northern Chile, on the border with Argentina. The volcano contains a 1 km wide summit crater.

A sulphur mine is located 4 km SW of the volcano. Hydrothermal activity is present at the volcano. Warm springs (frozen at surface), mud vents, and fumaroles indicate the volcano is still active.

A large ignimbrite sheet is associated with Cerro Escorial, covering an area of approximately 105 sq km, with a maximum thickness of 6 m, and a maximum volume of 0.6 cubic km.

Most lava flows from Cerro Escorial descended the range to the southwest, on the Chilean side of the border, but a few small lobes flowed northeast. Vulcanian eruptions accompanied lava extrusion, and scattered andesitic lava blocks up to 50 cm in diameter are visible at the summit.

Further reading
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Escorial Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.