Elmenteita Badlands Volcano | John Seach



0.52  S, 36.27  E
summit elevation 2126 m
Pyroclastic cones

Elmenteita Badlands Volcano is located south of Lake Elmenteita in central Kenya. The volcano is located in one of the least stable parts of the Kenyan Rift Valley.

The volcano is located at the SE end of the Nakuru-Elmenteita basin. The deepest part of the basins contains two lakes, Lake Nakuru (1770 m above sea level) and Lake Elmenteita (1786 m). The northern boundary is at Menengai Caldera
(2278 m), and the southern boundary is Mt. Eburru volcano.

Elmenteita Badlands Volcano photos by John Seach

elmenteita badlands kenya
Elmenteita Badlands volcano, Kenya 2008

It is part of a group of volcanoes forming the Kenya Some - Suswa, Longonot, Olkaria, Eburru, Elmenteita, and Menengai.

Lemulug cone is located at 0.505 S, 36.245 E, and was erupted between 10,390 and 12,579 years ago.

Katerit cone is located at 0.512 S, 36.271 E and was erupted between 9,650 and 11,806 years ago.

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Elmenteita Badlands Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.