El Capitan Volcano | John Seach


NSW, Australia

31.2 S, 146.2 E
Central Volcano Province
Extinct Volcano

El Capitan volcano is located 50 km northeast of Cobar in western New South Wales. The leucitites form in nine separate outcrops in an area covering 45 sq km. The area covered by lava is 2.6 sq km, with a volume of lava erupted was 0.1 cubic km.

Further reading
McQueen, K.G., Gonzalez, O.R., Roach, I.C., Pillans, B.J., Dunlap, W.J. and Smith, M.L., 2007. Landscape and regolith features related to Miocene leucitite lava flows, El Capitan northeast of Cobar, New South Wales. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences54(1), pp.1-17.

Eruptions of El Capitan Volcano

12-15 million years ago