Elbrus Volcano - John Seach



43.33 N, 42.45 E
summit elevation 5642 m

Elbrus volcano is located in western Caucasus mountains, SW Russia. It is located on the border between Europe and Asia.

Mt Elbrus is Europe's highest mountain and the third highest volcano in the Northern Hemisphere. The volcano is located near the border with Georgia. Hot springs are located on the volcano's flanks.

The base of Elbrus is 17-18 km in diameter and its area is 235–240 sq km.

Elbrus contains two summit peaks. The East Summit, 5621m, and the west summit 5642 m. The mountain contains over 70 glaciers covering an area of 130 sq km.

The climbing season is from June to mid-September, with about 50% of days suitable for a summit attempt. Ice axe and crampons are required for a successful climb.

A 24 km long lava flow is visible down the NNE slope.

Elbrus Volcano Eruptions

50 AD