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Eastern Flores, Indonesia

8.67 S, 122.45 E
summit elevation 1703 m

Gunung Egon volcano is located in eastern Flores Island, Indonesia.

The summit contains a 350 m wide, 200 m deep crater. Several small lakes are found at the volcano. Water at Egon crater lake consists of local runoff acidified by dissolution of fumarole precipitates.

2015-16 Unrest
In December 2015 the alert level at Egon volcano was raised from Level 1(normal) to Level 2 (waspada). A 1.5 km radius exclusion zone was placed around the crater.

2010 Unrest
There was a marked increased in seismic activity at Egon volcano, Indonesia beginning 28th March 2010. Visual observations show thin white emissions rising 10 m above the crater. People were advised to avoid the crater, and be careful within 2 km of the summit on the SW side of the volcano. The alert status at Egon volcano was raised from Level 1 (Normal) to Level II (Waspada).

2008 Eruption
A phreatic eruption of Egon volcano on 15th April 2008 forced the evacuation of 600 people. Six deep volcanic earthquakes and one shallow earthquake were registered under the volcano on the night before the eruption. The eruption ejected ash hundreds of meters into the air and spread to a radius of 20 kilometers from the crater. Despite the eruption, hundreds of thousands of voters in Sikka went to polling stations the following day to vote in an election. Voters turned up to the polling stations wearing masks. Wells in villages near the volcano were contaminated with ash. A stock of 9000 masks was used up, and many people complained of respiratory problems.

2004 Eruption
On 29th January 2004, local people heard the sound of the E crater wall collapsing inward. This was followed by an explosion and a black ash cloud rising 750 m above the summit. From 31st January up to 6,400 people were evacuated from near Egon volcano. The eruption affected thousands of hectares of cacao, coffee, vanilla and clove plantations. Eruptions resumed on 3rd July 2004 with small explosions and rumbling sounds. White-gray ash rose to a height of 100 m and ash fell SE of the volcano. Most trees were covered in ash and local roads, previously full of potholes, were made smooth by the ash fall. Waioty Airport in Maumere, Sikka Regency on Flores island, resumed operations after being closed for four days due to Mount Egon's eruptions. Waioty Airport is located 10 kilometers west of Mount Egon.

1925 Eruption
An eruption occurred at central crater of Egon in 1925.

1907 Eruption
An eruption occurred from the central crater on 28th September 1907.

1892 Eruptions
Smoke was observed at the summit from 1888-91.

1888-91 Eruptions
Smoke was observed at the summit from 1888-91.

Further reading
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Egon Volcano Eruptions

2008, 2004, 1925, 1907, 1892, 1888-91