Edgecumbe Volcano | John Seach


Kruzof Island, Alaska

57.05 N, 135.75 W
summit elevation 976 m

Mount Edgecumbe volcanic field is located on southern Kruzof Island, 900 km SE of Anchorage, Alaska. It sits at the continental margin near the transform plate boundary. It was named by Captain James Cook in 1778.

The main landforms of the volcanic field are the composite cone of Mount Edgecumbe, and the crater and domes of Crater Ridge. Nine scoria cones lie on a northeast trend, parallel to the long axis of the field.

Southern Kruzof Island consists of Pleistocene lava flows covered by pyroclastic flow and fall deposits.

2022 Earthquake swarm
An earthquake swarm occurred at Edgecumbe volcano in April 2022.

Edgecumbe Volcano Eruptions

2220 BC ± 100 yr, 3810 BC ± 75 yr, 7220 BC ± 150 yr