Ebulobo Volcano | John Seach


(Amburombu, Amboeromboe, or Keo Peak)
Flores, Indonesia

8.80 S, 121.18 E
summit elevation 2124 m

Ebulobo Volcano is located on the south coast of central Flores, Indonesia.  Ebulobo volcano has a summit crater with a flat lava dome 250 m in diameter. There are 8 identified eruption sites.

1969 Eruption
A summit eruption occurred on 28th February 1969 with "fire", steam and ash.

1830 Eruption
In 1830 lava flowed 4 km from north of the crater.

Ebulobo Volcano Eruptions

1969, 1941, 1938, 1924, 1910, 1888, 1830