Dutton Volcano | John Seach



55.18 N, 162.27 W
summit elevation 1506 m
Stratovolcano with summit dome complex

Dutton volcano is located 6 km NW of Belkofski Bay, in the Alaskan peninsula, 1000 km SW of Anchorage, Alaska. Dutton volcano lies partly within the Izembek National Wilderness and partly within the Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge.

King Cove is an important fishing center with a population of 800, and lies 15 km south of the volcano. King Cove airport is built on an avalanche deposit from the volcano.

Mount Dutton is one of over 60 Late Quaternary volcanic centers that extend 2500 km from Hayes volcano, 120 km west of Anchorage to Buldir Island, in the west-central Aleutian Islands.

Dutton volcano is situated 100 km above the Benioff zone. The volcano is deeply eroded and most of the summit is covered by permanent snow and ice.

1988 Earthquake Swarm
The epicenter distribution and volcanic–tectonic character of the earthquakes was similar to the 1984 swarm. This indicated there was movement of magma at shallow depth under the volcano.

1984 Earthquakes
The distribution of epicenters from the earthquake swarm define a North 45 deg West trend, 16 km long and 8 km wide extending from Belkofski Bay to beneath the volcano.

No eruptive or fumarolic activity has been reported from Mount Dutton volcano in historic time (since late 1700's).

Dutton Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.