Jabal ad Druze Volcano | John Seach


(Djebel Al-Arab, Jabal ed Duruz, Jabal al Druz, Jebel Duraz, Djebel ed Drouz)


32.658 N, 36.425 E
summit elevation 1800 m
Volcanic field

Jabal ad Druze Volcano is located in northern part of the Harrat Ash Shamah Volcanic Field in southern Syria. The volcanic field contains 118 eruption centres.

The volcano is part of Hauran-Druze Plateau which lies on the western flank of an uplifted region.

The youngest lavas of Holocene age form the northeastern part of the The Harrat Ash Shamah field. Volcanic cones up to 100m high are the products of the
youngest volcanic activity of each period and lie on the surfaces of the lava plateaux.

Further reading
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Jabal ad Druze Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.