Don João de Castro Bank Volcano | John Seach



38.23 N, 26.63 W
summit elevation -14 m
submarine volcano

The submarine volcano is located between Terceira and San Miguel Islands in the Azores. The seamount lies on the Terceira Rift, which is considered to be the world’s slowest spreading plate boundary at 4 mm per year.

Shallow water hydrothermal vents are located at a depth of 20 m.

1997 Eruption
An eruption occurred around June–July 1997, 17 km NW of the 1720 eruption, in a water depth of 1000 m.

1720 Eruption
A submarine eruption during December 1720 produced an ephemeral island that attained a length of 1.5 km and an altitude of about 250 m before it was eroded beneath the sea surface two years later.

Further reading
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Don João de Castro Bank Volcano Eruptions

1997, 1720