Datong Volcano | John Seach



40.00 N, 113.28 E
summit elevation 1882 m
cinder cones

Datong volcano is located 265 km west of Beijing, and 3 km NE of Datong City at Xigelaoshan. The volcano consists of six cones in the Sanggan River Valley. The volcano covers 60 sq km and the main cones are: Heishan (1,422 m), Jinshan (1,368 m), Langwoshan (1,028 m), Gelaoshan (1,276 m).

Datong volcano contains between 10 and 13 cinder cones composed of black, low viscosity olivine basalt. Hot gas has been reportrf at one of the cones.

Further eruptions
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Datong Volcano Eruptions

450 AD?, 60,000 years ago, 340,000 years ago.