Dakataua Volcano - John Seach


West New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea

5.056 S, 150.108 E
summit elevation 400 m

Dakataua volcano is located on the northern end of Willaumez Peninsula, New Britain. Lake Dakataua is horseshoe-shaped and located 73 m above sea level. The caldera is elliptical and 13.5 km east to west, and 10.5 km north to south.

Caldera formation at Dakataua volcano occurred about 1150 years ago. The highest point of the volcanic area is Mt Makalia (350m). Solfatara activity occurs at the summit of mt Makalia and warm springs in the lake at the base of the mountain.

Dakataua volcano has a history of major eruptions producing widespread airfall tephra deposits. Dakataua tephras are less silicic and more alkaline and readily discriminated from Witori tephras.

800 AD Eruption
A plinian eruption occurred at Dakataua volcano around 800 AD and erupted 10 cubic km of magma.

Dakataua Volcano Eruptions

1895 (Mt Makalia), 800 AD