Dabbayra Volcano | John Seach




12.38 N,  40.07 E
summit elevation 1302 m
Shield volcano

Dabbayra volcano is located in the Afar triangle of northern Ethiopia. The volcanic centre is located at the foot of the Ethiopian scarp. It is a major offsets of the NNW trending scarp.

Fumarolic and recent volcanic activity occurred in or around the volcano. The age of Dabbayra is not precisely known, but it was at least partly built up contemporaneously with the central ranges.

Geology of Dabbayra Volcano
Lower Miocene peralkaline granites with associated quartz porphyries of similar composition occur North of Dabbayra.

Further reading
Varet, J., 2018. Transverse volcanic alignments along afar margins. In Geology of Afar (East Africa) (pp. 241-251). Springer, Cham.

Dabbayra Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.