Dabbahu Volcano | John Seach


(Boina, Boyna, or Moina)
Afar, Ethiopia

12.60 N, 40.48 E
summit elevation 1442 m

Dabbahu volcano is located in northern Ethiopia in the Afar triangle, 113 km south of Erta Ale volcano. Dabbahu volcano is located 40 km NNW of Manda Hararo Volcano.

2005 Eruption
The first historical eruption of the volcano occurred on 26 September 2005. An earthquake swarm preceded the eruption.

The eruption began 5 km NE of the summit. Reports of the eruption were scarce, due to its remote location, and civil unrest in the area. Ash emission from the volcano darkened the area surrounding the volcano for 3 days. A 500 m long fissure was formed, and a 30 m wide pumice dome at the southern end of the fissure. Ash fell at Teru village, 40 km SW of the volcano.

Further volcano
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Dabbahu Volcano Eruptions