Cumbal Volcano | John Seach



0.98 N, 77.88 W
summit elevation 4764 m

Cumbal volcano is located in SW Colombia, 25 km SW of Azufral volcano. It is part of the northern Andean volcanic arc.

The town of Cumbal - Pueblo is located 5.5 km SW of the volcano.

The oldest eruptions at the volcano occurred NNE of Cumbal and Mundo Nuevo craters. Current activity at the volcano includes fumaroles, sulphur deposition, and thermal springs.

2012 Earthquake swarm
On 26-27 September 2012 an earthquake swarm occurred at Cumbal volcano, Colombia. Over the two days 182 small earthquakes were recorded. The seismicity was possibly related to hydrothermal activity at the volcano. Weak fumarolic activity was reported at El Verde in the northern sector of the volcano.

1988 Volcanic Unrest
The volcano showed signs of unrest in 1988, with an increased fumarolic activity and volcanic earthquakes. This occurred at the same time nearby Galeras volcano showed also unrest in 1988.

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Cumbal Volcano Eruptions

1926, 1877