Cuicocha Volcano | John Seach



0.308 N, 78.364 W
summit elevation 3246 m

Cuicocha Volcano is located 100 km north of Quito. The volcano consists of a 3 km wide lake filled caldera at near Cotacachi volcano. The caldera formed during an eruption 3100 years ago.

Four lava domes are located in the lake, and a pre-caldera lava dome is situated on the east side of the lake.

Cuicocha caldera lake has a depth of 148 m and is filled by both rain water and hydrothermal water. After an earthquake in 1987, a rapid water level drop was
observed for several weeks. Recently the water level has been dropping by about 30 cm per year. Approximately 3000 cubic m/day, is lost by percolation into fractures and fissures of the bedrock.

Lake temperature continues to increase at a rate of 0.1 deg C per year. Divers have observed inflow of hydrothermal water, which indicates potential future activity at the volcano.

Cuicocha Volcano Eruptions

950 BC, 1150 BC