Coropuna Volcano - John Seach


Arequipa, Peru

15.52 S , 72.65 W
summit elevation 6377 m

Coropuna volcano is located in southern Peru. It is the largest and highest in Peru.

It rises 4500 m from the surrounding land, and forms elongate E-W ridge 10km long. At least 6 cones are distributed over a 20x 12km area. The volcano is heavily covered in ice. Permanent ice is above 5800 m in the north, and 5300 m in the south.

Coropuna volcano grains into deep canyons, with elevation change up to 4000 m over 15 km distance.

There have been no recent eruptions at the volcano, and the summit craters are heavily ice covered, indicating a lack of thermal activity.

Coropuna Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.