Cook Underwater Volcano | John Seach


Western Province, Solomon Islands

8.25 S, 157.06 E (location uncertain)
Submarine volcano

14th December 1963. Commander Hunt from HMAS Cook stumbled across a previously unknown submarine volcano. Solfatara activity. 25th May 1964. Two locals in a boat observed a "mountain of black water" rise from the sea with black smoke rising from the summit. The sea was stained by the erupted material.

On 20th January 1964, Blot predicted an eruption of Cook volcano would take place on 21st May 1964. The prediction came true, with the eruption finally occurring on 25th May. Large blocks of pumice were seen on the shore near Munda.

On 4th May 1991. Lava and ash erupting to form black material above the surface. Observations were made from a helicopter by Australian High Commissioner. An island formed 300 m x 150 m, 30 m high. It contained a 50 m diameter lava pond. Activity at Cook continued until 13th May.

Further reading
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Cook Volcano Eruptions

1991, 1964