Churchill Volcano | John Seach



61.38 N, 141.75 W
summit elevation 5000 m

Churchill volcano is located in SE Alaska, 25 km west of the border with Canada. The summit of Churchill volcano is covered with ice and snow all year.

The volcano produced the White River Ash, which covers an area of 540,000 sq km. The ash was deposited in two eruptions. These were the largest eruptions in North America in the past 2000 years.

700 AD Eruption
The most recent eruption at Churchill volcano produced 15-30 cubic km of tephra, which deposited over Yukon, Alaska, and Northwest Territories. Pumice Terrace on the northern edge of Klutan Glacier, Yukon, is 10 m thick and was deposited during the eruption.

60 AD Eruption
The eruption produced 10-20 cubic km of tephra, which deposited in northwestern Yukon and eastern Alaska.

Further reading 
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Churchill Volcano Eruptions

700 AD ± 200 years
60 AD ± 200 years